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"You may doubt our words, yet you will not find such a reassurance anywhere else, for we are the only representatives of your Allies."[1]

"We understand these events, for they have happened countless times in the Greater Community, as influence and persuasion are cast upon races that are either too weak or too vulnerable to respond effectively."[2]

"We know this because intervention has occurred in many places, even within our own worlds, where we had to fight and struggle to regain our freedom and to expel those forces that were attempting to guide us and to control us. Our histories are difficult and not without regret. Many of our kind were lost in the struggle for freedom because we did not pay heed to the warning in time and then had to face the very difficult task of overthrowing those who had established themselves as powers within our own respective worlds."[3]

"We understand how troubling this news may be and perhaps how disappointing it may be to many people who had high hopes and expectations that visitors from beyond would bring blessings and great benefit to humanity. It is natural perhaps to assume and to expect these things."[2]

"We would like to give testimony to this. We are doing so at the request of the Unseen Ones, for we have been sent for this purpose. The information that we are about to impart to you may seem very challenging and startling. It is perhaps unexpected by many who will hear this message. We understand this difficulty, for we have had to face this within our own cultures.

As you hear the information, it may be difficult to accept at first, but it is vital for all who would seek to make a contribution in the world."[2]

"There are many people in the world today, we understand, who are beginning to realize that this is occurring. And we understand as well that there are many interpretations of this visitation—what it could mean and what it could offer. And many of the people who are aware of these things are very hopeful and anticipate a great benefit for humanity. We understand. It is natural to expect this. It is natural to be hopeful."[2]

"This we understand may be difficult to accept at first."[2]

"The Unseen Ones have told us that there are many people today who feel a strange discomfort, a sense of vague urgency, a feeling that something is going to happen and that something must be done. Perhaps there is nothing within their daily sphere of experience that justifies these deeper feelings, that verifies the importance of these feelings, or that gives substance to their expression. We can understand this because we have been through similar things ourselves in our own histories.[2]


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