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"The world is certainly being visited by different groups for different purposes. There are some groups who wish to assess your technology, to learn about your nature and to determine your biological codes, which will tell them about your temperament and predispositions. Others are coming here to determine whether you are capable of engaging in commerce and trade. Still others are coming here to look for the ancient depositories and to utilize and recruit those who show some skill and knowledge of the physical environment to help them do so." (Marshall Vian Summers. Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume Two, Chapter 10: Greater Community Visitations)

"The challenge is for humanity to understand who its allies really are and to be able to distinguish them from its potential adversaries. There are no neutral parties in this matter. The world is far too valuable, its resources recognized as being unique and of considerable worth. There are no neutral parties who are involved in human affairs. The true nature of the alien Intervention is to exert influence and control and eventually to establish dominion here."(Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity Book One, Third Briefing: A Great Warning)

Synopsis of the extraterrestrial races now visiting Earth

Characteristics of the visitors
Racially diverse
Multiply allied
Technologically advanced
Socially cohesive
Influential in the Mental Environment
Not armed with weapons, armies or armadas
Highly organized and very focused
Very pragmatic
Not spiritually advanced
To gain and maintain access to resources, including biological products
To gain humanity's allegiance
Not to destroy human institutions but to employ them
Influence over powerful individuals with promises of greater power, technology, world domination
Spiritual and religious manipulation: projecting iconic images and targeting sensitive types with promises of hope for humanity
Acclimatization: establishing a hidden presence ultimately to be taken for granted
Views of humanity
Similar to our own view of domesticated animals
Primitive, chaotic, unruly, immature
Incapable and therefore undeserving of managing our own environment
Baffling in our attachments to love and freedom
Potential for benefit to humanity
United against a common enemy
Prepared for emergence into the Greater Community