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"At this time, there is more than one collective competing for advantage here. That places humanity in the middle of a very unusual and yet enlightening set of circumstances. That is why the messages of the visitors will often seem inconsistent. There has been conflict amongst them, yet they will negotiate with each other should mutual benefit be recognized. However, they are still in competition." [1]

"The Greater Community into which you are emerging is a competitive environment on a scale you can hardly imagine. Trade and competition for resources, for alliances and for worlds that have strategic value, are considerable. And yet, the situation is far more complex than it might seem at first. Conquest of other lands is not tolerated in well-inhabited areas. Because of the competitive environment, there are restraints. Rules have been established over a long period of time regarding how trade will be conducted and what rules and guidelines will be followed." [2]

"The Greater Community is a competitive environment on a scale you cannot even comprehend. This means that everyone who is in that environment, particularly those who are active participants in trade and commerce, must find resources and gain alliances with other nations and often try to persuade those nations to enter into alliances with them."[3]

"There are conflicts, though war rarely exerts itself. Competition is carried out in more subtle and ingenious means, for technology can be shared, copied and purchased. It is power in the Mental Environment, the power of persuasion and the power of insight, that holds the greatest advantage here."[4]

"The value of your world has restrained other nations from entering into direct competition with one another. But now, amongst those races who seek to gain dominance here, there is a competition, a competition for influence—a kind of subtle attempt at conquest to make humanity weak and dependent, to encourage human conflict secretly so that humanity never gains security or stability, thus requiring it to reach out to foreign powers and to accept whatever inducements these foreign powers might offer you."[5]

"Outright warfare in the Greater Community, particularly on any kind of large scale, is extremely rare, particularly amongst secure and advanced nations. Their emphasis is on the power of persuasion. Because competition is so great in the Greater Community—the competition for resources, the competition for influence, the competition for trade and the competition for political power and persuasion—these are of paramount importance to any advanced nation, whether they be free or not. It is because of the emphasis on stability and security that this is the case. Competition, therefore, is immense, and the powers of persuasion and the importance of these powers become of primary importance for nations that are free and for nations that are not free."[6]


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