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Do you wish that we show up? was circulated by Jean Ederman for response from “individuals without distinction” as if a poll would determine acquiescence.

"While outright conquest of your world is not permitted in this region of space, other nations are free to intervene under two conditions: first, if the native peoples of your world appear to others to welcome intervention and to not resist it; and, second, if humanity were to fall into a truly deprived and declined state. Under the second set of circumstances, other nations would be free to come and take the world for themselves, using humanity as a resource for their own ends.

It is these two conditions that allow intervention in this region of space. It is because you live in a highly inhabited part of the universe that conquest is not allowed. For attempts at conquest create instability and conflict, and instability and conflict are resisted by networks of powerful nations who seek to maintain stability and security at all costs, even at the cost of their own freedom. It is entering a more stable and sustainable state that all worlds in the universe must seek to achieve at some point in their development.[1]

"The Intervention must be opposed. Its presence must be denounced. Its activities must be exposed. People must refuse to believe in foreign powers who are here without human permission, acting against human will and awareness."[2]

The perspective of the Intervention

"They feel that they are in the right because they believe that they are saving the world. Some even believe that they are saving humanity from itself."[3]

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  • This study contrasts Jean Ederman and Marshall Vian Summers. Excerpt: "Marshall Vian Summers ... alluded to the intervention of Europeans in the Americas and the consequences for the native population as a way of describing the results of extraterrestrial intervention:
'This Intervention is instructive to us now because we are facing a new Intervention of a much larger magnitude, an Intervention which threatens to displace and oppress not just certain tribes or groups of people, but all the peoples of the world.'"


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