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Dolores Cannon (1931-2014), hypnotherapist, past life regressionist.

"There are times when your past lives must be re-experienced, but you do not need to seek them out. They simply arise. There is a wave of emotion and then it is gone. It is the emotion that needs to be released. It does not matter what you did before. It is over." [1]

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Key Concepts[edit]

From the Dolores Cannon Website
  • Time is not at all the way we conceive it, not linear.
  • The Subconscious retains knowledge from prior existences and is able to be accessed and inquired of, with reliable results
  • Some people have been contacted by extraterrestrials from childhood
  • Contacts between families and extraterrestrial races can be multi-generational
  • The Greys are like biological robots, created by another race, very slender with large black eyes
  • Abductees are taken by mutual agreement made before their birth
  • Amnesia is bestowed upon coming to Earth regarding past lives and the soul contracts made before birth
  • Millions on Earth are being contacted by extraterrestrials
  • Some here as "Volunteers" have never incarnated on Earth before
From a Dolores Cannon Fan Website, Dolores Cannon – Messages from The Custodians
  • Heightened extraterrestrial interest in Earth after detonation of nuclear weapons
  • Earth at a threshold of heightened consciousness
  • "Custodians" watching over the Earth responsible for seeding life on Earth
  • Free will given to humans, not usually the case in the universe
  • The Earth will self-replicate, forming two Earths: one the old 3-D consciousness and a new 5-D Earth
  • Abduction is beneficial, not harmful, giving abductees genetic upgrade


Books by Dolores Cannon[edit]

  • Jesus and the Essenes (1992)
  • A Soul Remembers Hiroshima (1993)
  • Keepers of the Garden (1993), on the extraterrestrial origins of humans and "The Council" who watch over them
  • Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit (1993), the review of life purpose and accomplishment after death
  • They Walked With Jesus (1994)
  • Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained, in 3 vols., speaking to her from the 16th century
  • Legacy From the Stars (1996)
  • The Custodians:: Beyond Abduction (1998)
  • The Convoluted Universe (4 vols., 2001-2011), "for those people who want their minds bent like a pretzel"
  • Sri Sathya Sai Baba & the Golden Age: The Fourth Dimension That Will Change the World (2006)
  • Five Lives Remembered (2009)
  • The Legend of Starcrash (2010), on the origin of the Native Americans
  • The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (2011)

Views on Extraterrestrials[edit]

Extraterrestrials "are very positive people. There's nothing to be feared. In 25 years, I've not found a single negative experience out of anybody I've worked with, because I've been able to find out why it's happening, and the reasons behind it, and once you understand that and you see the bigger picture, it's not negative at all, because it all falls into place.... We were created by e.t.s at the beginning of the world. So they have been watching us and taking care of us since the beginning of our creation. That's why many times they're called the Watchers, because they've been watching over us and our world for such a long, long time, and they're very interested in what we do, just like you are with your own children.... They said, 'Why do they always say we're here to take over the world? It's ours and always has been. We can't do anything as bad to you as you do to yourself.'"(1:30-3:00)[2]

Earth "is the only planet in the universe that has been created with free will."(3:36)[2]

"E.T.s can live as long as they want. They have conquered disease, illness and ... death."(5:50)[2]

"Every culture in the world has their legends of the culture bringer ... who brings the knowledge.... The culture bringer always comes from the sky or across the sea, which fits in nicely with the E.T.s. But they have to live among the people to teach them.... This is where the legends of the gods and goddesses come from." [2](5:15)

"The vibrations and frequencies of the Earth are changing now. We are moving into a new dimension." (9:00)[2]

Earth "is the densest planet in the universe, the most challenging planet in the universe."(13:00)[2]

Regarding abductions, "all the E.T.s are doing is taking care of their own people... They are keeping track of the ones who have chosen to take on this difficult journey.... They have to monitor the physical body.... The energy has to be adjusted." (15:29) [2]

Developed by Dolores Cannon[edit]

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (for accessing the subconscious)

Established by Dolores Cannon[edit]

  • Ozark Mountain Publishing, 1992


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