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"Do not fall prey to persuasion and inducements from any extraterrestrial presence who is active in the world, interfering in human affairs. Do not believe that anyone is going to come here to save or to rescue a struggling humanity, and see that those who claim to do so are here for their own purposes—to take advantage of humanity’s weakness, divisions and superstitions."[1]

Experiencers are those who have been taken or influenced in some way by extraterrestrials. Some prefer the term "experiencers" over "abductees" or "contactees."

Barbara Lamb writes of her preference for the neutrality of the term: "Many of these individuals have some encounters they consider negative (and therefore might be thought of as 'abductees'), and some they consider positive (and therefore might be thought of as 'contactees'). Since the interpretations put upon their experiences by these individuals vary so much, it seems best to refer to them using the neutral term 'Experiencers.'"

“The Intervention will undermine people’s belief and confidence in their leaders and their institutions, thus fostering a vacuum of confidence that can easily be shifted to a foreign power that is presenting itself as a benign and advanced race.”[2]

Experiencer research teams, psychological studies and personal accounts have proliferated on the Internet. Most of these experiences of contact with extraterrestrial intelligences are set in the midst of some very intense and scenic sagas. These accounts range from simpler journeys as ‘guests’ on motherships, to quasi-heroic adventures that turn spirituality into a quest narrative featuring a chosen one.

Earlier contactee accounts suffered from partial recollections and mental confusion, while experiencers generally have ultra-lucid larger-than-life recollections; to the point that they demand acceptance and will display anger if doubted on forums and discussion groups.

In an account of bio-code mutations, transitioning densities, harmonies and frequencies, known as the “Bodhgaya Incident” the experiencer claims to remember and to have re-lived an experience as a member of an expedition 80 million years ago by a group of angelic beings who had to crash-land a giant spaceship in Bodhgaya, central India. The extraterrestrial beings allegedly became human when they acquired the density of the Earth, shrinking from tall and slender beings into smaller creatures.


"I never anticipated this situation and regret that it entered my life, especially the encounters that involved my being unwillingly taken aboard craft commonly called UFOs. I do not know whether these entities are from other worlds in our universe/multiverse, or from another dimension of reality, but I do know that my experiences were physically real, not psychological fantasies, and sometimes involved other hapless humans who were with me at the time."[3]


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