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Themes and Insights from George Green[edit]

"Mankind without understanding that its root meaning from antiquity is "god-man" tosses about the word human." (Handbook for The New Paradigm, II-10)

The Rationale for the Idea of Earth as a "Prison Planet"[edit]

Note the self-evidentiary aspect of the foundational principles, how clear and well laid out:

  • "There are certain indisputable facts that are laid as groundwork for the story of humanity as it exists on this planet to unfold in a concise and understandable sequence.:
    • There are many inhabited planets in this and other solar systems.
    • Many contain self-aware, intelligent life forms.
    • Many are far-advanced in conscious awareness of who and what they are within Creation as it now exists.
    • Interplanetary travel does now and has existed for what you would term as eons of time.
    • This planet has been and continues to be visited.
    • There are different purposes for these visits by different representatives from various planets.
    • These visitors have and do interact at various levels with life forms on this planet.
    • There indeed are benevolent beings of higher understandings that have been and are now committed to helping humanity on earth to cope with and transcend the future that is coming forth now." (Handbook for The New Paradigm, II-11.)

From this foundation is built a platform for understanding humans in a developmental framework observing the stages from dependence to independence, influenced by the Law of Attraction. The narrative as given in II-11 of the Handbook for The New Paradigm is summarized here from the Greater Community perspective:

  1. In a halcyon antiquity of our ancient heritage--as a race, that is--there was no awareness of a Greater Reality or a Greater Community.
  2. Yet the balance of polarities reflected a Greater Reality and activity in the Greater Community.
  3. Introduce genetic manipulation.
  4. Remember this never works. Polarities! Balance! Law of consequences: if you destabilize the balance of natural forces, it works for populations the way it does in nature: remove a natural predator from an environment, deprive a population from the basic need to remain vigilant at all times.
  5. Re-introduce genetic manipulation. (Remember this never works) Hire an alien to do what you cannot, will not do.
  6. Unintended consequences. Not exactly specified, but "an imbalance that changed the personality and limited the ability of this altered species to know their innate connection to creation."
  7. Isolate them far from where anyone would notice, on "a sparsely inhabited planet in a far off corner of the galaxy where they were not likely be discovered, and blame for this failed experiment would not likely be placed on them."

The narrative crumbles at this stage of construction. According to the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity, Earth is not so isolated.

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Comparison to other sources[edit]

Compare the Lamuria, Lumania and Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers.

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