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"The Greater Community is the environment in which you live. It includes your world and all the worlds in its vicinity. It is a vast region of space where intelligent life is interacting with each other, representing a great network of relationships between societies and between individuals in societies, a greater cosmology and a greater universe." [1]

"The region in which you live ... contains approximately five thousand stars. We call this a region because that is how it is delineated." [2]

"Countless races of beings ... live within this Greater Community of intelligent life that comprises the physical Universe in which we live ... all experiencing evolution." [3]

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Emergence into the Greater Community

"It will only be the challenge of emerging into the Greater Community that will unite the world and give you the foundation for this unity to be genuine, strong and effective." [4]

"Humanity is emerging into this environment not from its brief forays into your local solar system, but from visitations that are occurring in the world now and which will increase in the future." [5]

Requirements of the Greater Community

"Your preparation for the Greater Community represents the greatest and most vital education that can be fostered and extended in the world today. This education is the only thing that will enable you to solve the growing global problems of the world that seem so overwhelming and that your societies seem so incapable of facing and so poorly equipped to resolve." [6])

"Humanity has never done anything even close to this. So why would it rise to the occasion now? What will give it the strength and fortitude to enable it to achieve something that seems almost insurmountable given human nature and behavior at this time? What will do this is the presence of the Greater Community." [7]

"Who on Earth can prepare humanity for life in the universe, the great engagement—an engagement that is already taking place, in secrecy, carried out by groups who are here to take advantage of your ignorance and superstitions? If you are truly honest, you must recognize that no one has this breadth of understanding, this capacity. No one in the world understands the Greater Community." [8]

The perspective of the Greater Community

"The Universe is full of life. But the Universe is immense. And intelligent life living in the physical manifestation is scattered about a great and vast arena. It is concentrated in some places more than others.... Between these areas of great congregation in the Universe, there are trade routes, great roads that are heavily traveled.... Your world exists in an area of congregation, an area that has many inhabited worlds.... beyond your Solar System." [9]

"The larger neighborhood of life into which you will emerge, and the forces that you may encounter there, are not inordinately interested in humanity. They do not share humanity’s values. They are not human or even human-like in most cases. But they do share the difficulties of living within a physical reality—difficulties of security and securing resources, the difficulties of competition and all of the inherent problems that civilization poses despite its many benefits." [10]

"The Greater Community represents many different races with different motives. Many of those that you will encounter will not be interested in you at all. They only want to preserve your environment for their own use. Others seek to have a meaningful relationship with you, while some are looking at the possibility of trade and diplomatic relations. However, some wish to exploit you." [11]

"The Greater Community will alter how you see yourself, how nations here interact with one another and the whole priority of humanity. Its impact can be extremely beneficial if you can understand it correctly. For it is the Greater Community that will finally persuade your nations to cooperate, to unite for the preservation of the world and the protection of the human family. It is the Greater Community that will show you that you cannot afford your ceaseless conflicts here on Earth, and that your resources here are precious, and your self-sufficiency is of the greatest importance." [12]

"You have come into the world at a great turning point, a turning point only part of which you will see in your own lifetime. It is a turning point where your world gains contact with the worlds in its vicinity. This is the natural evolution of humanity, as it is the natural evolution of all intelligent life in all worlds. Your world is seeking a Greater Community.This will require that your world’s own internal community become unified. This is also a part of the evolution of all intelligent life in all worlds. You have come here to serve this. There are many levels of service and many things that need to be contributed—on a personal, on a community and on a world level. You are part of this great movement of life, for you are not here for your own purposes alone. You are here to serve the world, and thus be served in return." [13]

"Your future is and will be in the Greater Community. It is not associated with the past. It is new. It is about the present and the future. The future is coming towards you, over the horizons of your life. You can see this if your vision is developed. You can feel this if you are aware of what you feel. You can gain your strength if your mind can become focused and unified." (The Pillar of Spiritual Development)

Life in the Greater Community

"Outright warfare in the Greater Community, particularly on any kind of large scale, is extremely rare, particularly amongst secure and advanced [14]

"Because the Greater Community, especially the area in which you live, is a very competitive environment and because there are many Collectives dwelling here, they tend to hold each other in check and will take legal action against one another if necessary should the basic rules of conduct be violated. Therefore, if one Collective sought to take this world by force, it would be countered by other Collectives who have an interest in this world and by their competitors elsewhere, who would hold these kinds of actions in check." [2]


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