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"The existence of task-specific beings suggests a hierarchical "society" and the probability of a "governmental body," with a downward-flowing chain of command from the insectlike beings. If this is the case, then we can hypothesize that they might possess the highest authority for the entire Breeding Program, and therefore might be the group that initiated it. Abductees frequently comment that the aliens display a "hive" mentality. The shorter aliens especially look alike, dress alike, and act alike, and on board the UFO, they do nothing that suggests unique personality traits. All individual activity is directed toward the abduction goal in a clinical and dispassionate way. The taller gray aliens appear to have more individuality and the robed insectlike ones even more.(David M. Jacobs. The Threat, 1998)

"Collectives, by and large, are made up of a series of races functioning at different levels of authority and command. Those who really control the Collectives that are functioning in your world have probably not been encountered by anyone in the world yet. You have only recognized the worker classes who are bred to serve in specific functions."(Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity Book Two, Fourth Briefing: The Collectives)

"At this moment, larger powers in the universe ... are aware of you.... Though they themselves are not intervening in your world, they will allow other independent commercial forces to attempt to gain access here. Should that access be accomplished and fulfilled, and should the power of authority be shifted from the human family to others, then the larger powers will enter to take advantage of the situation." (Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity Book Three, Second Briefing: The Requirements for Freedom in the Universe)

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