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"There will be human beings of greater intelligence but who do not represent the human family."[1]

"Even now, there are hybrid individuals, part-human, part-alien, walking in your world. There are not many of them, but their numbers will grow in the future. Perhaps you will meet one some day. They will look the same as you but be different. You will think they are human beings, but something essential will seem to be missing in them, something that is valued within your world. It is possible to be able to discern and to identify these individuals, but in order to do so, you would have to become skilled in the mental environment and learn what Knowledge and Wisdom mean in the Greater Community." [2]


Debbie Jordan writes how she once asked through the telepathic technique she learned to communicate with the beings familiar to her about "the baby I had lost under mysterious circumstances in 1978. Where was she and why did she have to be taken away from me? This was the answer I got:

'The child was necessary for your development and ours. The greater good overrides all. The child is with us both. Her physical body is with us but, know this, the child's energy is uniquely yours. It is quite exciting, refreshing, hopeful. The child uses the name you chose for her. The child prefers it, to our way. The child must remain with us for now. She has much to absorb. You cannot provide what is necessary with exception of the human touch. We have not been able to simulate this yet. This will come from you. You have agreed to this. This child will then care for the needs of others. The human part of her is ever drawn to you. We do not fully understand this, nor can we prevent it. We will learn much from you and others like you. Know this, all is as it must be. All is right. These children are our hope for the future. Your future and ours. Know that we mean no harm. We only seek to grow, to become as one, as all life must!'"[3]

"The Intervention has studied human psychology and physiology and has devised a very potent form of persuasion. It has taken many people against their will and subjected them to cruel experiments and powerful forms of mind control. Many of these people now cannot think for themselves. Their minds have been overtaken. Their freedom has been taken from them. They are now like laboratory animals for the Intervention, used for reproductive purposes so the Intervention can create hybrid individuals to be in positions of power and influence in government, commerce and religion."[4]

“You have to speak out against their attempt to interbreed with humanity, to create a new leadership here.”[5]


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