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Journey of Souls by Michael Newton describes through case studies how he came to investigate the influence of past lives and life between lives while administering hypnotic regression in a therapeutic setting. After long and careful "quiet research," he presents "a working model of spirit world structure" [1] based on a lot of correspondences among the descriptions given by his clients.

"Heaven is whatever and whenever God wants it to be; more deeply, heaven is where God is." [2]

Selected topics[3] addressed in Journey of Souls

Michael Newton's results find resonance in the hearts and aspirations of many regarding notions of the afterlife and these topics, among others:

Reuniting with Those We Love
Astral Planes
Ghosts, Demons
Standard Treatment at the Gateway
Soul Division
Colors [and how they signify levels]
Soul Evaluation
The Chain of Divine Influence
"If you go back prematurely to your Spiritual Family,

and they say, 'What are you doing here?' And you say, 'Oh, I am so glad to get out of there! It was terrible down there!' And they say, 'What? You aren’t due back for twenty years! Did you give them the messages?' And you say, 'What messages?' Then you remember. Then you remember all about getting ready to go into the world. Then you remember the whole thing, and you say, 'Oh, no! I completely forgot!' [4]


Newton was generally careful to maintain respectful neutrality. The transcripts of regression sessions reveal when the some kind of personal motive like curiosity on his part seems to drive the line of questioning, when he overrides the client's objections or stonewalling. He is not overly aggressive and doesn't push his luck more than a little.

This human question about the afterlife is a key concern at the very basis of the religious impulse. By finding how to access what might be known by observation--as if going to one's Akashic records to see, what do you really know--Newton's work seems to be showing there is a lot embedded in people's consciousnesses, and it can be accessed. Do congruencies and correspondences from thousands of case studies form a collective view of those Akashic records? Consensus rule says yes.


"There are no neutral relationships."[5]

To consider the work of other psychotherapists--Dolores Cannon, John Mack, to name only two--who have utilized hypnotic regression and discovered extraterrestrial influence present is to notice that certain themes accompany each individual, which is to suggest[6] that the presence of the therapist and the line of questioning they follow, what they pursue and what they allow or deny, all must have an impact on the environment on the subject's perceptions.


Though the term does not appear in Journey of Souls, Michael Newton and his protégés refer to people with a Greater Community origin as "hybrids," a use that can only muddy the waters and must be clarified with every occasion to distinguish from hybrids on Earth who were born by virtue of genetic manipulation.

Identity foreclosure

The locale of Michael Newton's case studies in hypnotic regression is comparable to and resembles many reports from those who've undergone Near Death Experiences. The congruity among all these cases is persuasive but not definitive--Near Death is not exactly the same as actual death. While there is every possibility that they have approached something like the reality of Heaven, surely the fullness of the reality is greater than these experiences.

Having witnessed a setting this convincingly immersive, those who submit to it find the simulation real enough that it establishes a foundation for life. The subjects in these case studies report a relief and assurance and conviction so overwhelmingly rewarding that these experiences become definitive and inarguable and more, unable to be shared. The subjects are granted a new lease on life, inspiration and validation, along with archetypes that explain the meaning of their current experience. All of these things are supportive, whether or not they are quite accurate.

"Your soul, as it grows, does not diminish. It expands. No longer a single point of light, it now becomes a cluster of lights. It retains some of its uniqueness, but its reality and identity are based upon the strength of its core relationships."[7]


Newton taught his technique to other therapists who can be located on his website. If the Intervention is aware that "who you are with will determine what you are able to know,"[8] the therapists themselves have a gatekeeper function here. There are skilled and classically trained therapists of great insight and discipline whose training and agreement with Newton mean they are conversant with the concepts of the Greater Reality found in the New Message from God.[9] Presumably, Newton's own background and training[10] set the bar relatively high as far as the credentials of his disciples go.


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