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What is Knowledge?

"Knowledge: The spiritual intelligence that lives within each individual. The source of all that we know. Intrinsic understanding. Eternal Wisdom. The timeless part of us which cannot be influenced, manipulated or corrupted. Knowledge is a potential in all intelligent life." (Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity, Book 3: Important Terms)

"In the Greater Community, spirituality is embodied in what we call Knowledge, Knowledge meaning the intelligence of Spirit and the movement of Spirit within you. This empowers you to know rather than only believe. This gives you immunity from persuasion and manipulation, for Knowledge cannot be manipulated by any worldly power or force." (Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity Book One, Fourth Briefing: Manipulation of Religious Traditions and Beliefs)

"Let us say that Knowledge is not the things that are usually associated with it. It is not ideas. It is not a body of information. It is not a system of belief. It is not a process of self-evaluation. It is the great mystery of your life. Its outward manifestations are profound intuition, great insight, inexplicable knowing, wise perception in the present and in the future and wise understanding of the past. But despite these great achievements of mind, Knowledge is greater than this. It is your True Self, a Self that is not apart from life." (Marshall Vian Summers. Steps to Knowledge, [ Step 10: What is Knowledge?</ref>

How to Find Knowledge

"BECOME A STUDENT OF THE GREATER COMMUNITY WAY OF KNOWLEDGE. A student is someone who is undertaking the great journey of preparing for the Greater Community through the study of STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE: The Book of Inner Knowing and has begun to engage with other students of The Greater Community Way. Each person who grows stronger with Knowledge can have a positive impact on the Mental Environment, thereby resisting the Intervention and thwarting the Pacification Program. This will set you on the path to becoming part of the solution that The Allies advocate by becoming a man or woman of Knowledge in the world." (The Allies of Humanity Book Two, About the Society)

Prerequisites to Knowledge

"Knowledge will not speak to you if you are not ready to take action. You will just hear what you want to hear, and nothing important will have happened. But if you are ready to take action, if you are sincere, if you are capable, if you are open to this, Knowledge will speak to you--in a word, in a feeling, in a message from another person, in an insight, in a thought, in a dream, in a vision. In whatever avenue Knowledge can reach you at this point in your life, it will reach you." (Marshall Vian Summers. Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 5: The Pillar of Work)

Knowledge at This Time

"We speak of Knowledge because it is your greatest ability. regardless of what technology you can develop over time, Knowledge is your greatest promise. You are far behind the visitors in your technological development, so you must rely upon Knowledge. It is the greatest force in the universe, and your visitors do not use it. It is your only hope. That is why the Teaching in Greater Community Spirituality teaches The Way of Knowledge, provides the Steps to Knowledge and teaches Greater Community Wisdom and Insight. Without this preparation, you would not have the skill or the perspective to understand your dilemma or to respond to it effectively. It is too big. It is too new. And you are not adapted to these new circumstances. The visitors’ influence is growing with each passing day. Every person who can hear this, feel this and know this must learn The Way of Knowledge, The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. This is a calling. It is a gift. It is a challenge." (Marshall Vian Summers.The Allies of Humanity Book One, Fifth Briefing: Threshold: A New Promise for Humanity)

What Knowledge does

"Knowledge enables you to think in any number of ways, to act spontaneously, to perceive reality beyond the obvious and to experience the future and the past. <ref>Threshold: A New Promise for Humanity)

"Knowledge knows what is essential, and it is not fooled or manipulated by anything else." ((Marshall Vian Summers. Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter One: Living in an Emerging World)

"If you choose without Knowledge, Knowledge will not follow you. You may believe fervently that you are doing the right thing. You may even believe fervently that you are making the right decision. But if Knowledge does not go with you, you have no stability and no certainty in your endeavor." (Marshall Vian Summers. Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter Three: The Pillar of Relationships)

"All of the forces that are driving humanity to its own demise are counteracted by the presence and the power of Knowledge." (Marshall Vian Summers. Nature and Natural Disasters)

"Knowledge will stimulate human innovation, human invention, human collaboration and human unity. It will inspire new technology. It will inspire greater creativity. It will inspire greater cooperation. All the things that human leadership and citizens everywhere will have to establish and adapt to that are truly beneficial will be inspired by Knowledge. This is why what is invisible and mysterious within you has the greatest power to effect change in human awareness and behavior." (Marshall Vian Summers. Navigating The Difficult Times Ahead, September 29, 2008)

"Knowledge activates all mental and physical abilities for good. It directs all manner of individual pursuits that are for the benefit of humanity. In the arts, in the sciences, in all endeavors, in the simplest gesture and the greatest act, Knowledge demonstrates a greater life and strengthens all of the highest qualities in individuals who are engaged with it." (Marshall Vian Summers. Steps to Knowledge,Step 234: Knowledge serves humanity in all ways.)

Finding Knowledge

"Learning The Greater Community Way of Knowledge brings you into direct contact with the deeper spiritual mind that the Creator of all life has placed within you. It is at the level of this deeper mind beyond our intellect, at the level of Knowledge, that you are safe from interference and manipulation from any worldly or Greater Community power. Knowledge also holds for you your greater spiritual purpose for coming into the world at this time. It is the very center of your spirituality. You can begin your journey in The Greater Community Way of Knowledge today by starting the study of Steps to Knowledge online at (Marshall Vian Summers. Steps to Knowledge.)

The Reality of Knowledge

"Though perhaps not many will be able to hear our message, your response is important. Perhaps it is easy to disbelieve our presence and our reality and to react against our message, yet we speak in accordance with Knowledge. Therefore, what we are saying can be known within you, if you are free to know it. We understand that we challenge many beliefs and conventions in our presentation. Even our appearance here will seem inexplicable and will be rejected by many. Yet our words and our message can resonate with you because we speak with Knowledge. The power of truth is the greatest power in the universe. It has the power to free. It has the power to enlighten. And it has the power to give strength and confidence to those who need it." (Manipulation of Religious Traditions and Beliefs)

The Unity of Knowledge

"Knowledge within you is united with Knowledge within others. So as Knowledge becomes stronger in the human family, war and conflict will lose their appeal and attraction. As Knowledge becomes stronger in the human family, offers of foreign technology and foreign governance will lose their appeal. To Knowledge, they will mean nothing. All those things that influence people to harm themselves, or to engage in activities that are not in their best interests, will lose their appeal in the face of Knowledge, this deeper power. Not all human beings need to find this power, but many do. Otherwise, the Intervention will go unimpeded. The governments will hide what they know, struggling within themselves in how to deal with this presence and its intentions, and the people of the world will remain self-obsessed and ignorant, unaware of the greater threat to their future and their freedom." (Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity Book Three, Fourth Briefing: Hidden Powers)

The Need for Knowledge

"The need for Knowledge must be recognized, for your individual intellect cannot compete with the power of the group mind that exists in the Greater Community. Yet Knowledge within you is immune from its influence and can see through its deceptions. The strength of your ideas and beliefs are weak compared to those that are held firmly by many minds in the Greater Community. But the power of Knowledge is stronger. It cannot be turned. It cannot be betrayed. It cannot be altered by any power in the universe." (Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity Book Three, Fourth Briefing: Hidden Powers)

"There is a way to Knowledge. The way will save you time because you need to save time now. You are needed in the world, and your preparation must become accelerated. You do not now have the luxury of endless exploration and diversion, for the world needs you. It is emerging into the Greater Community. This is not a time to fiddle with your mind or your emotions or play around with different therapies or modalities because The Way of Knowledge is being offered to you. You are needed in the world. It is time to prepare. It is time to become focused and determined. There is no escape from this, for only those who are developed in The Way of Knowledge will have capability in the future and will be able to maintain their freedom in a Mental Environment that will be increasingly influenced by the Greater Community." (Marshall Vian Summers. Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 6:The Pillar of Spiritual Development)

The Power of Knowledge

"Knowledge represents the power to see, to know and to act with certainty. It also represents the power to resist persuasion, deception and influence in the mental environment. The individual or the nation that has this strength has the power to resist intervention and to comprehend the intentions and the activities of other nations who might be threatening to its freedom or existence.
"It is the ultimate form of intelligence, you see, and seers who are guided by Knowledge are more powerful than seers who are not. Here you are able to discern the future and future events before they happen, with varying degrees of accuracy. Here you are able to discern the intentions of others and the capabilities of others without the use of technology. Here you can pretend to be weak when in fact you are really strong. Here you can appear to be non-aggressive when in fact you can be incisive in your inquiries. Here you can be well protected and well defended without requiring a great military force or infrastructure. Here you can make wise decisions regarding your relations with other nations even if their intentions are questionable or uncertain. Here you can engage in diplomacy with other nations with far more certainty than you would have otherwise.
"It is this power and this Knowledge that humanity will need if it is to gain the strength and commitment to establish greater unity amongst its nations and the wise and sustaining use of the world. This will overcome greed and avarice. This will overcome competition, conflict and war. This will overcome grievance and hatred and inequality.
"That is why Knowledge is the greatest power in the universe. It is a power that the Intervention is not using, or it would not be here engaged in the activities it is undertaking. This is the power that will give humanity the power to offset intervention and to prevent future interventions. This is the power to give humanity the stability to establish a new world with far greater equanimity and equality, justice and freedom."

(Marshall Vian SummersThe Allies of Humanity, Book Three, Seventh Briefing: Questions & Answers

Mistakes with Knowledge

"It is truly dangerous when people think they know and they do not know. This leads to many mistakes and many tragedies as well. Do not think you know. You either know or you do not know, and if you know, your Knowledge is pervasive. If what you know is real, others will resonate with Knowledge with you, and you will not have to persuade them." (Marshall Vian Summers. Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 7: Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family)

Opposing Knowledge

"When you go against your Knowledge, you create a fear of the unknown. This builds up over time to create a fear/resistance to the Presence."(Marshall Vian Summers, April 13, 2013)

Lack of Knowledge

"Without Knowledge, you will only know what others want you to know. You will only think what others want you to think--whether it be your parents, your culture, your social group, your government or the Greater Community. You will basically be like cattle and you will be led around, from pasture to pasture." (Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity Book Two, First Commentary)

Further Study

Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 4: What Is Knowledge?

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