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Majestic 12 (a.k.a. Majestic Twelve, Majestic 12, MJ-12, and MAJIC) is the code name for a group said to be authorized by President Truman and responsible only to the President, formed two months after the Roswell incident, 12 men of science, government and military expertise, tasked with investigating the physical evidence from downed spacecraft.

There is evidence for the existence of such a task force as Majestic 12. Documents purporting to be "MAJIC Eyes Only," a classification above top secret, have been assiduously collated and evaluated by a father and son team.[1]They include the memo from Truman directing Twining to establish the group[2] findings that clearly indicate the extraterrestrial origin of the debris from Roswell and top-secret briefing and assessment that describe the attributes of the races visiting our planet.[3]

"Having lost faith in human leadership and institutions, people will look to other powers in the universe to guide them, believing fervently that a beneficial force will come here to restore and to save humanity from itself. It is this expectation, this desire, however unconscious it might be, that the Intervention will utilize for its own purposes." [4]


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