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Mary Rodwell, formerly a nurse/midwife, Reiki master, hypnotherapist[1]now a clinical hypnotherapist, founded the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) in 1997 and co-Founder of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation.[2] Having investigated 1,600 abduction cases, she found that only 30 percent were traumatic to the abductees.[3]

The New Human

Mary Rodwell sees evidence of shifts in human consciousness that herald "The New Human" with heightened capacity for awareness beyond the three dimensions. For her this is evidence of "intelligent design," meaning alterations and additions to human DNA by extraterrestrial contact whether physical or not.[4]

Mary Rodwell sees the New Human manifest in those identified as Star Children, Indigo, Crystal, and hybrid; she proposes that those exhibiting ADHD and/or on the autism spectrum have hidden abilities from genetic manipulation by extraterrestrials.[4]

Mary Rodwell interviews children with "multi-dimension extraterrestrial experiences, or experiences with non-human intelligences," observing generational upgrades now resulting in the young today having "a lot more conscious awareness of multi-dimensional experiences."[5]

A global phenomenon.[5]
They talk about "Black Holes, ... Quantum Reality ... Genetic Engineering" as though their understanding is coming from "their consciousness." [5]
"These children seem to have the ability to recall past lives far more clearly and their reason why they have come to the planet. They’ve got a heightened awareness that hasn’t yet been switched off [or] dumbed down, and this is what happens to many other generations."
"They may be ADHD, they may be Aspergers, they may be Autistic, so its harder to program them."
"They’re showing us where we’re going, because they’re indicating a multi-dimension reality that we have lost access to."
"They get their education at night to 'awaken the earth.'"
Rodwell's "New Humans" includes "the New Children, Indigos, Chrystals, Rainbow Children, Star Children ...Children of Light, Golden Children." [5]

Quotes from Mary Rodwell

"A complex extraterrestrial program, genetic links, multilevel educational programs, coupled with soul interaction, is not congruent with a subversive agenda. Even to my limited human logic, that is nonsensical. Extraterrestrials have technology to take us out in a nano-second if that was their desire. No, these Encounters suggest a far different hypothesis, something far more profound, and the reward is transformation of consciousness."[6]



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Why make your life more complex and more frustrating when all things become clear with Knowledge?
Why make your mind more complex?
Why attribute more and more qualities to yourself? Why invent new levels of thinking and being when with Knowledge all things become clear?
Why project more and more distinctions upon the world?
Why make the world seem so hopelessly complex and meaningless when with Knowledge all things become clear?[7]


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