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"At this time even people who are aware of the presence of the visitors are not yet aware of their intentions. People do not understand the visitors’ methods. And they do not comprehend the visitors’ ethics or morality. People think the visitors are either angels or monsters. But in reality, they are very much like you in their needs. If you could see the world through their eyes, you would understand their consciousness and their motivation. But to do that, you would have to venture beyond your own." [1]

Extraterrestrials our "Space Brothers and Sisters"

benevolent space brothers
"They seek to have people believe that the visitors are their family, that the visitors are their home, that the visitors are their brothers and sisters, their mothers and fathers. Many people want to believe, and so they believe. People want to give over their personal authority, and so it is given over. People want to see friends and salvation in the visitors, and so this is what they are shown."[2]

Soul Agreement Made Before Life


Dolores Cannon

Bridget Nielsen

Benevolence is universal

"Some say all aliens must be benevolent because any negative alien civilization would destroy itself before achieving space travel, and thus only the most evolved alien races make it to Earth. This leads to the false idea that since aliens are good, the only true antagonists are xenophobic human elite trying to paint aliens in a bad light. But anyone who has personally experienced alien interference in their lives, or seen negative aliens and black ops military groups working together, knows that this couldn't be further from the truth."[3]

"Clearly, living in joyful expectation is not adequate, for there are indeed forces at hand that are not benevolent and are using human beings for purposes that do not support the well-being of humanity. What is called for is responsibility, Wisdom, certain forms of empowerment and a greater understanding of what intelligence is and how it interacts in its different forms." [4]

What comes from the heavens is heavenly

"Some abductees claim that they have been given permission for abduction through their unconscious mind and have developed a kind of a “Stockholm Syndrome“, worshiping their abductors. Other people, like ex-presidential candidate Kucinich, reported they felt this “love” when they had a UFO sighting. Well, looking a bit deeper into it all, a “feeling of love” is by no means an indication that these are benevolent beings, especially when they seem to be able to induce emotional states into humans at will."[5]

"People who are being abducted, people who are being influenced, can feel they are part of an Ascension or an Ascension movement. That can easily be manipulated from a Greater Community source, since the Greater Community seems to be an ascended state anyway. We have a lot of difficulty discerning the difference between physical space and spiritual space, and so anyone who can get here seems to have magical powers to begin with." [6]

Deus ex machina

God coming down from the sky like a jack in the box to save the day

H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds, Martians are defeated by bacteria that wipe them out just when it looked like all was lost for humanity.[7]

Advanced know-how equals wisdom

"Recognize that advanced technology does not equal advanced ethics and morality. Use humanity as a good example of this.

Do not think that those who have gained the ability to travel in space represent any advancement in ethics or morality or religion or spirituality.
Do not think that they can teach you anything in this regard, for in many cases, you are more advanced than they are in your awareness of the reality of God and the nature of your own spirituality". [8][9]

"True Wisdom and true Knowledge are as rare in the universe as they must seem within your world. It is natural for you to hope and to expect that other races have outgrown deviousness, selfish pursuits, competition and conflict. But, alas, this is not the case. Greater technology does not raise the mental and spiritual strength of individuals." [10]

If they wished to destroy us, we’d be dead already

A false dilemma!, this is not an either/or situation. Other possibilities, such as taking the planet AND us with it, exist.

"The Intervention is not here to attack humanity but to persuade humanity. The Intervention needs a compliant humanity to work for it and to engage with it to become part of its Collective. This assumption that humanity would be attacked and overtaken is entirely wrong. It is how you view gaining access to new lands and new resources. But even in your modern world, economic, more than military, forces are used to gain acquisition to resources, and this is what is happening to the world regarding its relations in space. You are encountering small, economic Collectives who are here to begin the process of acquisition that larger nations can assume later on, if the Intervention is successful in establishing its presence and its power in your world. To think that you would be attacked is wrong, and to think that because you have not been attacked that the forces that are here are beneficial is wrong. Both are based upon false assumptions. Therefore, the conclusions are incorrect." [11]


Carol Rosin
"There is nothing to fear as these beings are not an enemy. (We are still here!)"
Elon Musk
“If they are here, I hope they’re nice. They haven’t killed us yet, so they must be not that bad.”[12]

see also Steven Greer

Abduction is not harmful but is beneficial to the abducted

"The visitors understand that the key to human allegiance is the quest for power, wealth and spiritual fulfillment. Here people will operate against their own best interests if they believe that their activities are ordained and supported by a greater power. We have spoken of this already in our first series of discourses. Yet again we must elaborate on this point. Perhaps you will see those who claim to be psychic and sensitive being supportive and encouraging people to trust and to believe in the presence of the visitors, believing that the visitors represent a spiritual awareness, a spiritual force, even evolution itself. The visitors will tell them, "Look, we have no war. We live in peace and cooperation. You have not achieved these things. Therefore, trust that we are able to give them to you and teach you the ways of cooperation and teach you how to live in peace, harmony and equanimity."

"Who amongst the idealistic can resist such a temptation, having lost faith in the human spirit? Having disavowed human institutions to a certain extent, they now look to the heavens for help, for inspiration and for salvation itself. And when they are taken by the visitors or contacted by the visitors, such predispositions put them in the perfect position to become receptive to the Intervention and to become emissaries for the Intervention." [13]

"Those who have believed that this presence is here for humanity’s good must see that this is not the case, that they have been deceived and that those who have been taken against their will believe in things that they were encouraged to believe." [14]

"It is because the Intervention has studied human psychology and physiology and has devised a very potent form of persuasion. It has taken many people against their will and subjected them to cruel experiments and powerful forms of mind control. Many of these people now cannot think for themselves. Their minds have been overtaken. Their freedom has been taken from them. They are now like laboratory animals for the Intervention, used for reproductive purposes so the Intervention can create hybrid individuals to be in positions of power and influence in government, commerce and religion." [15]

See Dolores Cannon

Popular Misconceptions About UFOs

Science magazine published J. Allen Hynek's view on the most widespread misconceptions about UFOs at that time (1966).

  • UFO sightings are only reported by UFO fanatics ("buffs")--Hynek noted the opposite is true.
  • UFO sightings are never reported by the scientifically trained--Hynek concedes how people of reputation seek anonymity.
  • UFOs have never been picked up on radar or other tracking facilities--anomalous behavior of objects in our atmosphere is on record and is very convincing to the best-trained eyes.[16]


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