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"This is a prison planet. We’re being imprisoned on the planet and our ignorance is the main tool of our entrapment.... [W]e’re held here in an electronic field of amnesia."[1]

The motif can be seen in Plato's allegory of the cave and the story of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. It expresses the sense of Separation from Source, as old as human religion.[2] It is the tension of spirit dwelling in flesh, and it makes humans susceptible to influence: "In traditional religious institutions in your world, they will seek to utilize those values and those fundamental beliefs that can serve in the future to bring you into allegiance to them."[3]

"This sector of the universe suffered a terrible tragedy 75 million years ago and believe that Earth must be “cleared” — meaning all persons on the planet must undergo Scientology processing. After which it is their intention to travel to other planets to free other beings. It is their belief that Earth is part of a galactic confederacy that consists of 26 stars with 76 inhabited planets. It is believed that Earth has been zoned as a prison planet where the worst criminals and non-conformists are sent."[4]

Lawrence Spencer
 promotes the idea in Alien Interview, congruent with his background in Scientology.[5]

James Hillman compares imagery and language ("wanting to go 'Home'") used by experiencers of alien encounters with epistrophe ("the return to origin") in Plotinus (204–270 CE). [6]



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