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Code-named Project Blue Book, the United States Air Force program grew out of the earlier Project Sign and its successor Project Grudge. By 1952, the year Project Blue Book was established, the mandate had shifted from investigating the reality to debunking the reports of UFO sightings.[1], from assessing national security concerns to managing popular perception, playing down the danger of any "conceivable threat" from unexplained phenomena while "attempting to resolve” the bulk of observations made by credible witnesses.[2] Project Blue Book was terminated December 17, 1969, after the Condon Report:

"[T]he conclusions of Project BLUE BOOK are:(1) no UFO reported, investigated, and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security;(2) there has been no evidence submitted to or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as "unidentified" represent technological developments or principles beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge; and(3) there has been no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as 'unidentified' are extraterrestrial vehicles."[3]

Beyond disclosure

"The veil of secrecy must be pulled aside. The veil of ridicule must be pulled aside. This must happen at the level of the citizens, for it cannot happen alone at the level of governments or leaders."[4]

"Great effort has been taken by many of your governments to discourage any inquiry into this, creating a veil of secrecy and ridicule that has been quite effective in discouraging public conversation and public awareness of this great encounter, this great challenge to human freedom. No government will admit to its people that it is facing an adversary for which it has no adequate response."[5]


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Further study

  • Michael Hall. Project Blue Book 1951-1969
  • Dramatized versions of case files (with emphasis on dramatic effect rather than historical accuracy as to detail regarding actual events) on the History Channel's series, Project Blue Book