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The Allies of Humanity (abbreviated as the Allies) are a group of extraterrestrial beings claiming to represent the human race's "allies" in the universe - extraterrestrial races or nations that have preserved individual freedom within their own cultures and seek to support this freedom for the human race as well. The Allies of Humanity characterize themselves as non-interfering observers and as advisors to humanity, and warn of an ongoing "Intervention" by other extraterrestrial groups seeking to exploit humanity.

Description and Origins

The Allies of Humanity describe themselves as a small group comprising nine individuals from several different races and planets. They give no description of their physical appearance, nor do they give their individual names or the names and locations of their respective planets, stating that disclosure of such information is not necessary in order for them to convey their message, and furthermore, that it would put their homeworlds at risk[1]. They explain that this a necessary precaution as they represent relatively libertarian societies or "free races", which are rare in the universe and experience an uneasy relationship with the more authoritarian regimes that make up most other space-faring societies[2]. Although of diverse origins, the Allies are united, they say, by the common experience of having had to resist subjugation by other groups of beings at some point during the history of their races, and claim to serve benevolent spiritual powers that promote freedom and spiritual advancement in the universe[3][4].


The Allies first made contact with the spiritual teacher Marshall Vian Summers by telepathic means in 1985[5]. At this time the Allies were on an initial mission to observe the activities of other extraterrestrial groups on Earth, which was carried out in a clandestine fashion from a nearby location within the solar system and had been underway for an unspecified length of time[6]. In that same year a party of four members of the Allies group embarked on an expedition to the surface of the Earth in order to make more direct contact with Mr Summers. This expedition was subsequently discovered by an antagonistic group of extraterrestrials. Fearing that they would be captured and tortured in order to reveal the locations of their homeworlds, the expedition's members destroyed themselves along with their spacecraft and the remaining five members of the Allies group retreated[7]. Mr Summers was then informed that a second mission would be launched, but that it would take up to 13 years to do so[8]. In 1996 the Allies again contacted Mr Summers and communicated to him a report that came to be known as the first "Allies Briefing". A second set of briefings was communicated in 2001 shortly after the publishing of the first set of briefings in the form of the book The Allies of Humanity. Their message now having been made public, the Allies subsequently relocated to a position outside the solar system for their own safety[9]. The third and fourth set of briefings were communicated in 2008 and 2016, respectively[10].

The Briefings

In their briefings, the Allies state that humanity is secretly being interacted with by several extraterrestrial groups called "Collectives", who are engaged in an attempt to claim control of the Earth and its resources by making humanity into a subordinate workforce. The Collectives, the Allies explain, are not conquerors in the traditional sense but rather commercial groups and resource explorers who use persuasion rather than military force to achieve their goals. In this situation, the Earth is said to be a planet rich in biological resources which the Collectives covet, but which are threatened by humanity's degradation of its environment. The Allies refer to the Collectives and their activities on Earth as "The Intervention", which is described as having entered a "mature phase" in the latter half of the 20th century, in response to humanity's use of nuclear weapons[11][12].

The activities of the Intervention are placed into four main categories: influencing the activities of selected individuals in positions of power in government, commerce and religion; the establishment of hidden bases in Earth's oceans, polar regions and mountainous regions; the manipulation of human religions and spiritual traditions in order to stifle human resistance and to promote conflict between nations and cultures; and a breeding program to create human-alien hybrids intended to assume leadership roles in human society in service to the interests of the Collectives. Reports of UFO sightings and alien abduction are attributed to the Intervention and their breeding program, and are characterized as a threat to humanity[13].

The solution offered by the Allies is for humanity to unite in own defense by ceasing all forms of war and conflict, preserving the natural environment, stopping the broadcasting of radio signals into space and resisting unsolicited visitation by extraterrestrial races[14].


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