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To look at the history of hostile takeovers throughout the history of humans on Earth is to understand the extraterrestrial presence here is not here for our benefit.

"Humanity is facing the loss of its freedom and sovereignty in this world to intervening forces from the Universe." [1]

"Though the visitors have a superior technology, the success of their entire mission rests upon their ability to persuade and to encourage human allegiance. You have the power to resist this. You have the power to see through the deception."[2]

Subjugation unless.jpg


"You must resist the Intervention. You must recognize it is nothing more than competition from beyond the world. You must not be fooled by its promises of wealth and power and freedom. You must not become dejected or resign yourself, thinking that you have no power in this matter, for humanity has the great advantage." [3]

"This represents an essential understanding that you must have in approaching the Greater Community. Do not accept trinkets from space, for you will undermine your freedom in the process. Nothing really important will be given to humanity in this regard by those who are intervening in your world. They are seeking to create dependency and addiction. This gives them power and leverage, even in their small numbers, over a much larger human family that is unsuspecting and that can be easily persuaded." [4]

"Any human mind can be interfered with, and its understanding can be extracted by those intervening forces in the world now. Therefore, you must understand the importance of discretion. That is why it is one of the three requirements for establishing and maintaining freedom in the universe: unity, self-sufficiency and discretion. You are only at the beginning of learning about the power of the Mental Environment. You are only beginning to learn how other races can gain access to human wisdom and understanding. You are only beginning to realize how much your freedom will have to be guarded and protected if it is to be sustained in a universe where freedom is rare." [5]

"Do not think that your subjugation represents your destiny. Do not believe that another race will come and govern you with wisdom and compassion. Do not think that gaining ever higher levels of technology will assure you any greater advantage in the Greater Community. Beyond the requirements of establishing your unity, your self-sufficiency and your discretion, technology becomes ever more hazardous. It begins to work against everything you have created for yourself." [6]

"Look at the history of intervention in your world. Look how easily native peoples succumbed to the presence of foreign intervention."[7]

The nature of the extraterrestrial Intervention

"In this region of space, war is suppressed and outright conquest is not allowed. If a nation wishes to gain advantage and influence in another world, such as in an emerging world like your own, they must use more subtle means and employ other agents to carry out such an intervention."[8]

Point of view

"Who from the Greater Community will think that your well-being is a priority when you are spoiling the very world you live in, which is considered an asset for the whole Greater Community?" [9]

"You cannot plunder the Earth without bringing yourself to a devastated state, a state that can be easily taken over by others in the universe. While outright conquest of your world is not permitted in this region of space, other nations are free to intervene under two conditions: first, if the native peoples of your world appear to others to welcome intervention and to not resist it; and, second, if humanity were to fall into a truly deprived and declined state. Under the second set of circumstances, other nations would be free to come and take the world for themselves, using humanity as a resource for their own ends." [4]

"Terrestrial planets create biological hazards for visitors. And that is why colonization is usually attempted once the native race has either established a usable network that the visitors can use, such as is the case here on Earth, or have destroyed themselves through conflict and war, leaving an open door for intervention to occur, even military intervention. Military intervention is allowed in this region of space under such conditions. This represents part of the ethics of contact that are assumed and are practiced by many nations in this part of the Greater Community." [5]


"The wealth of the world is being spoiled and ruined, and the threat of this increasing has brought this Intervention here. It has also come because humanity has created an infrastructure that these races can utilize for themselves. You now have a worldwide community, worldwide communications, worldwide commerce and the beginnings of a worldwide government." [10]

"As resources decline within this world, and as economic and political instability increases, the offerings of the Intervention will become ever more persuasive, yet what it is offering is your own demise—the loss of human freedom, your dependence upon foreign technology and foreign power." [3]

"Humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of life in the universe because others are here to seek influence and domination of a world of great value and importance." [11]

"There is intervention from the universe beyond you because those who value this world for themselves recognize what is taking place. They have tested the atmosphere of the world. They understand what humanity has done to pollute its air, its waters and its soils. For this has happened countless times in the universe. It is well understood there."[12]


"You now have a global civilization—diffracted, conflicted, destructive, heedless and irresponsible, but it is a world community nonetheless. You have global communication. You have global commerce. And for many people, a growing global awareness. It is at this point that intervention will be attempted. It is at this point that humanity becomes a prize to be claimed. Those who will come here and are here already cannot live in the biologically complex world that you inhabit and to which you are adapted. They need human assistance. They need human allegiance. They need human participation in order to gain sovereignty and control here." [13]

Towards an Alien Occupation

"They want humanity to believe in them and to serve them. They want humanity to work for them. They will promise anything, offer anything and do anything to achieve this goal." [14]

"The Intervention has been functioning here with little human resistance for many decades. Its plans are now in a mature phase, waiting to exploit human weakness, human division, human superstition and human expectation to their own advantage to gain control of the world and the world's precious resources. Their goal is not to eliminate humanity but to use humanity as a workforce, as a subservient workforce, to maintain the appearance of normalcy as long as possible while the power and authority over the world has shifted to foreign powers." [15]

"Great inducement is being placed upon the world. It has many avenues of expression and emphasis. Yet it is all aimed at one goal— to move humanity to a position of trust, allegiance and subservience to the Intervention itself. This completely conceals the real nature of the occupation that is being attempted in your world. This occupation will become easily recognized once it is fully established, yet by then it will be too late for you to offset its influences without great struggle and sacrifice. Therefore, we urge you and strongly encourage you to place this phenomenon at the forefront of your awareness and attention. You have time to stop the Intervention. It can be stopped." [2]

Extraterrestrial Manipulation

"Amongst those races who seek to gain dominance here, there is a competition, a competition for influence—a kind of subtle attempt at conquest to make humanity weak and dependent, to encourage human conflict secretly so that humanity never gains security or stability, thus requiring it to reach out to foreign powers and to accept whatever inducements these foreign powers might offer you." [16]

"They will take advantage of your expectations, your desires, your fantasies and your grievances to establish this position for themselves. Look at the history of intervention in your world. Look how easily native peoples succumbed to the presence of foreign intervention. This must not be your fate." [13]

"While the Intervention will present itself to its believers and its advocates as a benign and spiritual force, in reality it will be supporting the very forces that undermine humanity’s integrity, its unity and its self-confidence. The Intervention will undermine people’s belief and confidence in their leaders and their institutions, thus fostering a vacuum of confidence that can easily be shifted to a foreign power that is presenting itself as a benign and advanced race." [2]

"People who assign themselves these roles and responsibilities are not the Emissaries of the Creator. At best, they are the emissaries of their own ambition and their own failed ideologies. At worse, they fall into service to powers that they cannot even recognize and begin to endorse, represent and propose things, the source of which is unknown to them. They have claimed that they are not the authors of their own demonstration, and because they do not want to even think that they are the authors of their own demonstration, they will naturally appeal to any other source that to them represents a kind of spiritual power. It is this kind of self-deception, it is this kind of self-glorification that would make one extremely vulnerable to manipulation from beyond... Humility, patience, perseverance, honesty, discretion, discernment—all essential qualities for true accomplishment. And yet, you do not see these qualities demonstrated by many people, especially by many people who claim to be spiritual authorities. People who claim to be psychic, to be clairvoyant, to have unique and special powers—these people are especially vulnerable to manipulation from beyond. And because they give themselves such high rank in the spiritual hierarchy, and because they consider themselves to be so unique among human beings, and because they seek recognition and approval for their ideas, these people will be very, very good candidates for manipulation and can well fall in with the Intervention, in all of its manifestations. Willing now to serve a greater power and believing that they are endowed to do so, they assign themselves the role of emissaries." [17]

An Alien Siege

"In a manner of speaking, humanity is under siege though perhaps this seems too strong a word because the activities of the Visitors seem so subtle and invasive. But given the results of this intervention, the word “siege” here really is appropriate. If you try to help another nation that is under siege and you want to remain hidden, then you have to protect yourself and your sources and communicate in such a way that the message can be dispensed effectively with a minimum of risk of the information being destroyed or corrupted in any way. This is why the message is being given to one person." [18]


"They will not teach power in the Mental Environment, for they do not want humanity to have this power unless it is completely controlled by them."[2]

"The fact is that very few people are even aware of an extraterrestrial presence in the world, and even amongst them, very few recognize it as an Intervention, as a danger and as a hazard for humanity." [19]

Identity and nature

"There are great spiritual powers in the universe, but do not confuse them with those who are intervening in your world, or you will make a critical and perhaps fatal error in judgment." [6]

"You will encounter races in the universe within whose populations compassion is not shown towards one another. Their people have become more like machines—governed, controlled and directed, with very little thought or feeling for themselves or for one another. This is common. This is one of the directions a race can take to establish stability and security. It is not the direction your allies have taken. They have charted a very different course for their peoples and for their future." [20]

Humanity's home world

"Do not ever think that this world is owned by anyone else, that any other race in the universe has rights to this world or has any special privilege for visiting this world or can make any claims of ownership to this world or any claims of authorship for human evolution.

This is your planet of origin. It has been given to you by the Creator of the universe with the hope and the desire that you would prosper here and maintain this world as the precious resource that it is. It has been given so that it may sustain you through your difficult phases of development and so that it may sustain you as you emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life, where such worlds of biological diversity are rare." [4]

Human sovereignty

"There is no race that is shepherding humanity as if you were the children and they were the parents. Yet you have potential allies whom you may engage with in the future, if ever you are to establish and maintain the three requirements for freedom that we have mentioned." [6]

Resisting the Intervention

"Humanity does not recognize its advantage in living in a highly populated region of space where military conquest is not allowed and where war and violence are rare. You do not realize the advantage this gives you. If you raise your voice against the Intervention, it is put at risk. If you oppose the Intervention, if enough people can do this, the Intervention must withdraw." [2]


"It is your evolution to emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life. It will happen whether you are prepared or not. It must occur. Preparation, then, becomes the key. Understanding and clarity—these are the things that are necessary and needed in your world at this time. People everywhere have great spiritual gifts that can enable them to see and to know clearly. These gifts are needed now. They need to be recognized, employed and shared freely." [14]

"Humanity does have the power and the skill to stop the Intervention and to prevent future interventions of this kind. You have the inherent Knowledge that lives within you. This is what we mean by spirituality. You have enough individual power and enough technology to offset the kind of intervention that is occurring in your world at this time. You could drive the Intervention out if you had the will to do it. But you must become educated about the Greater Community, and you must be very clear and sober about what you are dealing with at this time." [21]


"With a Greater Community perspective, you are able to see your situation not with anger and condemnation, but with clarity and perspective. You will be able to assess humanity’s advances and its shortcomings in light of the Greater Community. Humanity has never compared itself with other intelligent life, so it does not know how strong or weak it really is." [9]

"The Allies of Humanity Briefings and the Teaching in the New Message together will provide you a clear understanding, and it will be an understanding that you will be able to comprehend easily because it reflects the lessons of nature and the lessons of your own history in this world―the lessons of intervention, the lessons of competition in nature and what peoples and nations must do to become free from intervention, in this case an intervention into the minds and the hearts of people." [22]

Questions & Answers

“Are any of the world’s governments resisting the Intervention?”

"Yes, the United States and Russia are resisting the Intervention. That is one of the reasons they have ceased their competition that was so destructive over many decades. They are more cooperative now, for they realize they need one another to be successful in offsetting the impacts and the persuasion that is being cast upon humanity.
There are smaller governments assisting now, but primarily it is these two greater powers that hold such great military strength and persuasion in the world. It is they who had fallen under alien deception, and it is they who have now turned against the Intervention. That is why our contact on Earth, Marshall Vian Summers, can receive this information and can receive our Briefings and counsel without fear of government suppression." [5]

“How do free races maintain their autonomy and keep races that are not free from interfering?”

"Ah, this is the challenge! This is the challenge that awaits you if you are able to offset the Intervention that is occurring in the world today.....
"Other nations employ seers who try to see into our worlds, to see what kind of technology we are producing and to see where our power and our weakness reside. We must offset these intrusions in the Mental Environment with seers of our own, who are guided by Knowledge, who would obstruct this kind of intervention in the mental environment.
This is all a new frontier to you and to human science and to human religion. Power in the mental environment in many ways can be equivalent to power in the Physical Environment, and the dangers and defenses that must be established here are significant. This is the price of freedom in the universe—constant vigilance, constant care and great responsibility." [5]

Solution to the Intervention

"At its Core, the solution to the intervention is not about technology, Politics or military force. It is about the renewal of the human spirit. It is about people becoming aware of the Intervention and speaking out against it. It is about ending the isolation and the ridicule that keep people from expressing what they see and know. It is about overcoming fear, avoidance, fantasy and deception. It is about people becoming strong, aware and empowered." [23]


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