The New Message from God

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The New Message from God refers to the work of Marshall Vian Summers; that work itself, the body of vast recordings containing the Message, refers to this "Messenger," Marshall Vian Summers, as "the first Greater Community Messenger" to describe the emphasis on the extraterrestrial question, with the term "Greater Community" referring to the larger environment immediately surrounding our wee planet, in this grander scale of things. Our vulnerable and Greater Community-illiterate planet, as well, as this New Message compares the situation to a child venturing alone into a big, industrialized city.

The New Message from God is contained in a multi-volume series titled The One Book including, among others:

Greater Community Spirituality
Steps to Knowledge
Wisdom from the Greater Community
The Pure Religion

The Briefings from the Allies of Humanity, (Books 1, 2 and 3), are separate from the New Message from God in regards to the source originating the content; the New Message claiming Angelic source, and the Allies mortal beings in the flesh.