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The Reptilian Agenda according to David Icke:

"A Reptilian race from another world interbred with humanity in the far ancient world, creating hybrid, cross-breed bloodlines. You see references to this in the Old Testament ... the 'sons of the gods' interbreeding with the daughters of men to create the hybrid race the Nephilim.... And these cross-breed bloodlines, as ancient accounts tell around the world, were put into the positions of ruling, royal power in the ancient world. And then, as is happening today, when you do the genealogy of the ruling families and the ruling positions of power in the world, be they the 42 presidents of the U.S. up to Bill Clinton, be they the British royalty, the aristocracy of Europe. Any of these key ruling elites, the top of the banking system, the top of the global system, you hit the family lines, which go back to the same ruling lines of the ancient world, royal lines, that the ancient accounts say were the cross-breeds between humanity and these Reptilian 'gods.' In other words, a Reptilian, extraterrestrial race has been controlling planet Earth for thousands of years, to this day, and putting its genetic-compatible bloodlines into the positions of power, as presidents, prime ministers, banking leaders, business leaders. etc. This explains so many things! Where we get the divine right of kings from, the divine right to rule. Because of the bloodline, the genetics. Why these ruling families of the aristocracy and the royal families have always incessantly interbred with each other, just as the Eastern establishment families of the U.S. do, to produce so many presidents, and banking leaders ...[1]

The Reptilian Agenda according to David Icke is founded on a perspective that originated with him and has gained widespread acceptance:

  1. The world is controlled by a few.
  2. They all carry genetic heritage of Reptilian interbreeding from ancient days.
  3. What you learn in school is a lie.[2]

According to Reed Summers:

"The intervention is attempting to influence leaders in positions of economic, political and religious power. Ultimately, the Intervention is attempting to gain access to the resources of our world and will rely upon the commercial, communication and transportation systems that humanity has created. In this sense, the capitalist system benefits their agenda.
"However, the Intervention can also work through socialist, totalitarian and even theocratic regimes to further its agenda. Pitting such regimes against capitalist nations furthers their agenda of weakening and dividing the human family.
"The Allies reveal that some individuals within governments and corporations are cooperating with the Intervention and that others are resisting it, either passively or actively. For those cooperating, the Intervention offers promises and enticements of technology, power and supremacy over other nations and groups. Here ambitious, greedy or power-seeking individuals and groups could hand over the keys to this world without the consent of the world community, all in exchange for empty promises or mere technological trinkets from space.
"We do not know the degree of cooperation or resistance to the Intervention within political and commercial establishments. However, the Allies have revealed that the United States, given its position of military and political power in the world, is one of the top targets of influence and that the Intervention also has a significant presence in the developed nations of Europe, Russia and Japan. [3]

"If the alien agenda is to create a unified and compliant human allegiance, it must eradicate the dissident elements, the non-compliant elements. They will not do this themselves because then everyone will know that there is an Intervention. Instead, they will have human beings do it for them in the name of people’s religious convictions and prejudices. And no one will know what is behind it all. Some people will think it is Satan or Lucifer, but they will not know." [4]

"Humanity does not yet realize how much strength it truly has and the advantages that you have because your religions have been maintained and have not been replaced by a belief in technology. They have not been completely subjugated to the political agendas of ruling nations. Though there has been much corruption, we understand, the power and the presence of Knowledge in humanity remains strong, and its potential for the future is greatly encouraging." [5]

"There are two great dangers facing the human family, greater than you yet realize. There is the Great Waves of change coming to the world in terms of environmental degradation, in terms of diminishing resources, and the great risk of competition, conflict and war that these will generate. The second great threat to humanity is Intervention from beyond by races who are here to seek the world for its resources, who are here to use humanity and to establish this world as part of their network for its strategic and biological value. These are the greatest events in human history. These are the most perilous threats to human freedom and sovereignty. These are the most consequential events in human history, and yet how few people ever think of these things. How few people concern themselves with these things. It is not part of the public agenda of any government. It is not the concern of world religious leaders or institutions, at least not publicly." [6]


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