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Andrew Basiago (b. September 18, 1961), a lawyer with acclaim as scholar, environmentalist and journalist,[1] who attests to childhood experience as a time traveler ("chrononaut") in Project Pegasus under the U.S. Government Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, (DARPA)[2] also claims to have discovered life on Mars.[3] He describes himself as an indigo child, a "planetary-level whistle blower" who teleported to Mars via a "jump room" courtesy of the CIA.[1]

Quotes from Andrew Basiago

"Time travel is going to open up the entire history, present and future, of the universe to us, so humanity deserves to know that we achieved time travel in DARPA's Project Pegasus."[4]


  • Project Pegasus, with the goal "to lobby the US government to disclose its teleportation secret so that teleportation can be adopted on a global basis to help humanity achieve planetary sustainability in the 21st century."

Selected publications


On Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
(undated) 2018
March 3 2018
August 23, 2013


  • Richard Dolan talks to Bill Ryan in depth: Corey Goode, Andy Basiago, Bill Tompkins, MUFON, and more on Youtube


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