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"There is a struggle going on within the secret corridors of government."[1]


“Behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” [2]

“Everything is in a process of investigation, both in the United States and in Spain, as well as the rest of the world. The nations of the world are currently working together in the investigation of the UFO phenomenon. There is an international exchange of data.” [3]

"There are those individuals in positions of power in commerce and government who are already in liaison with the Intervention. Their numbers will grow, and their strength and influence will grow if the Intervention is not stopped and if public education cannot be successfully generated." [4]

"There are those within the government of the American nation who are aware of the Intervention and are attempting to counteract it. But they do not have our counsel, and though they may recognize a certain degree of truth in the situation, they are without the necessary preparation. We are told that there are others within this government who have already united with the Intervention." [5]

"Some governments have assisted the Intervention, only to find it is working against them, and that it is deceptive and untrustworthy. Major governments in the world today have had contact in the past and have made certain agreements to allow the Intervention to function here in exchange for certain kinds of technology." [6]

"Certain people have even been encouraged by the governments to tell fantastic and wild stories, to create discredit upon anyone who might seek to present anything true or real or to attempt to generate an honest conversation, a public conversation, a public debate, a public awareness." [7]

"Great effort has been taken by many of your governments to discourage any inquiry into this, creating a veil of secrecy and ridicule that has been quite effective in discouraging public conversation and public awareness of this great encounter, this great challenge to human freedom. No government will admit to its people that it is facing an adversary for which it has no adequate response." [7]

"Even your science is beginning to realize the prevalence of terrestrial worlds and the greater and greater possibility for the evolution of intelligent life, through observation and through increased probability. Your governments know this, and they hide their secrets because what they know would be so immensely shocking to their constituencies, to the public, to people everywhere who are not looking, who are not paying attention and who are still lost in the notion that they are living alone and isolated in a beautiful world, content to think that others cannot reach your shores or that you remain hidden in an empty universe." [8]

"The governments of the world will not reveal what they know because they have no defense. And the defenses they do have they cannot fully employ without notifying the public, and they do not trust the public, their own populations, to support such an effort without going into panic. Would the government of your country publicly announce, "We have an Intervention going on from races beyond the world. We don't really understand their technology. We are not sure of all of their activities. And we have no defense against them"?" [9]

"Even the governments of the world have been seduced in many ways. They have made contracts with the Intervention which the Intervention has violated, and now there are those within the governments of the world who are aware of the Intervention and who support it, and there are those who are aware of it and who oppose it. So the seeds of conflict and opposition have even been sown within the corridors of power within your nations’ governments, many of them." [10]

Timeline of U.S. Government Involvement with Extraterrestrials

  • 1946. USAF investigates "foo fighters."
  • 1947. A report from Roswell Air Force Field acknowledges the retrieval of a "disc" later described as a "balloon."
  • 1947. Secret memo on “Flying Discs” from Lt. General Nathan Twining stating “the phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious” exhibiting “extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and motion which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly aircraft and radar.”[11]
  • 1947. Formation of special task forces to manage the phenomena: Majestic 12, Project Plato, Project Garnet, and Project Sign, which will become Project Blue Book.
  • 1948. "Project Twinkle" [12]
  • 1949 Having been stablished to collect U.F.O. reports and assess national security issues, Project Sign rules out Russia as the manufacturer and in the final “Estimate of the Situation” points to the likelihood of an interplanetary origin.,[11] Officials dismiss the hypothesis and dissolve the project.
  • 1949. "Project Grudge" replaces Project Sign.
  • 1952. Wave of sightings over Washington, DC, tracked on radar at Andrews AFB.
  • 1952. "Project Blue Book" evolves out of Project Grudge, J. Allen Hynek advising continuously since Project Sign.[13]
  • 1953. The CIA convened the Robertson Panel to review UFO reports.
  • 1954. Project Redlight to test fly recovered aircraft; [14] Project Sign, to collect information; Project Sigma, to develop communication with extraterrestrials.
  • 1963. Twelve days before his assassination, President Kennedy requests a review of all UFO files and indicates willingness to collaborate with Russia in this concern. [15]
  • 1966. Rep. Gerald Ford calls for government hearings on the UFO phenomenon. [16]
  • 1966. The Condon Study fails to consider the evidence. [17]
  • 1969. Project Bluebook closed with assurances that UFOs were not a threat to national security
  • 1973. Skylab photographs an unidentified "satellite."[18]
  • 1975. Craft seen over Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan [19]
  • 1987. Ronald Reagan speaks before the UN about the pettiness of our differences in the face of a common threat from beyond this world.
  • 1993. Karla Turner reports abductees claim American military cooperate with extraterrestrials in their abductions. (David M. Jacobs. The Threat.)
  • 2004. NM Gov. Bill Richardson calls for declassification of all documents relating to Roswell.
  • 2007. Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich acknowledges witnessing a UFO.
  • 2010. NH State Representative Henry W. McElroy, Jr. records his testimony regarding a briefing document showing Eisenhower had alien contact. [20]
  • 2019. Forbidden Science 4: The Spring Hill Chronicles, The Journals of Jacques Vallée 1990-1999 alleges evidence for CIA-staged abductions.[21]

"These are greater matters that are not merely for people in privileged positions in government, or something for philosophers or theologians to consider. It is the concern and the focus of the citizens of the world. If they are unwilling to know and cannot respond, well, what can any government do?"[22]


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