Intervention Deceptions

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See discussion for the template to apply to any character, event or phenomenon to evaluate the level of Intervention influence.

As found in the work of Dolores Cannon[1]

  • Extraterrestrials created humans.
  • This is their world.
  • They watch over us as parents do their children.
  • Humans have betrayed the gifts of intelligence and free will
  • Extraterrestrials bring scientific and cultural advancement that humans tend to pervert.
  • Earth is unique.
  • Abductions are benign, nothing to be afraid of.

As found in the work of Mary Rodwell[2]

Upgrade to human DNA
encouraging acceptance of hybrids
seduction of technology in spiritual seeking
confusion of levels, assumption that greater technological skill includes spiritual advancement
"They created us."
preying on vulnerability and developmental immaturity

Rationalizations by abductees

In Abducted! by Debbie Jordan and Kathy Mitchell
"Maybe we don't understand their ways." (p. 228)
"If we allow ourselves to stew in our own negative emotions we will create negative reactions to that response." (p. 228)
"If there were harmful or destructive purposes to their visits, they would have 'taken care of us' long ago." (pp. 216-217)
"If you compare a UFO abduction to the capture and testing of wild animals to record their migration and living habits--sedation, capture, examination, and tagging for future identification--you will find striking similarities."(p. 217)
"Everything that a person experiences happens for a reason."(p. 217)


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