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Welcome to the Extraterrestrial Wiki, a site dedicated to the Allies of Humanity to see our world from their perspective and to represent their view on contemporary people, places and all things extraterrestrial, alien to our planet. The Allies of Humanity are a small group of advisors representing and endorsed by the forces of good who sent them to communicate to humanity from off planet. These Allies of Humanity advise that no freedom-loving presence on Earth is actually visiting you now. They would not have us confused, so they make very clear that our independence must be established through our own strength or will result in dependence if assisted now, just so we are clear, who is helping us: those who desist from "helping."

Our Allies do not land on our planet.

Follow each and every trail of evidence to decide for yourself: what does this preponderance of testimony add up to? Whose eyes are providing the witness to extraterrestrial visitation done in a clandestine manner, with subtle agenda only to be revealed when it is far advanced.

Constructive feedback, recommendations and content to share are all welcome!

Evaluating the evidence

Each page and every paragraph or item on a list is a data point in this field where clear and convincing evidence is not universally witnessed. The sum of every concept and testimony does accumulate to a set of information for which each particular must be examined for legitimacy, and some will fall short and opinions will hold sway. These questions [1] apply to every particular perspective and point of evidence about or communications from extraterrestrials:

  • Is it observable?
  • Is it plausible?
  • Is it supportive and empowering for humanity?

Evaluating off-world messages

Any outside influence must be questioned as to motive
Why are they here?

Any communication from off-planet must be evaluated:

What is it bringing?
"Are these emissaries really presenting something new or are they just presenting themselves and using what seems popular or conventional or even radical in the moment, yet well documented from before? Is there real substance and merit to their presentation?”[2]
Evaluating any spiritual teaching
  • "Do not trust any spiritual teaching that does not emphasize your authority or that does not emphasize the reclamation of the deeper spiritual intelligence within you.
  • Do not trust any spiritual teaching that does not call you into the world to respond and to act, to contribute, to learn and to give.
  • Do not respond to any spiritual teaching that robs you of your responsibility to do this and that does not cultivate genuine and practical wisdom within you."[3]

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