Marshall Vian Summers

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"The Messenger has been sent into the world—a humble man, a man without great social position, a man without great personal assertions and accomplishments, a man whose life has been preserved and directed for this purpose alone." (The Will of Heaven, May 17, 2011)

Essential Message


Humanity is threatened from within and without (on every level)--environmental degradation, warfare and the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Humanity is not unique in the universe but prey to the same vices that it is poised to meet on a much grander scale in what Marshall Vian Summers calls the entrance to the Greater Community; humanity's position is like that of an orphan child who has wandered into a teeming city or like any story of conquest and colonization seen on Earth. (The Great Waves of Change)


The planet we inhabit is a gem, as is the freedom we have enjoyed this far; surprisingly enough, our religions are one of the blessings that this well-endowed planet has engendered. While the planet, the populations of species native to it and the happy enjoyment of it are all at risk, we are not bereft of remedy. Marshall Vian Summers and the Worldwide Community of the New Message from God proclaim there is every reason to have hope, and they point to the seminal text, the earliest recorded immersion experience with his Source, the Steps to Knowledge, as a great bestowal in acknowledgement of humanity's high achievement in being worth sending it. (The Blessing, April 20, 2007)


The preparation Summers espouses calls for immediate and total dedication ("the direct way is the best way," he says) to the issues facing the human race in what truly is a race to save human civilization:

Abate the agents contributing to war and to climate chaos.
Realize "we are more alike than we are different" as humans and among species.
Unite above all other agenda together as humans in every way possible, including within the self, to "become one, unified person."
Take the Steps to Knowledge, part of The One Book anticipated and scheduled for completion in Summers' lifetime, now largely available at the home website below.

Extraordinary Claims

  • He is God's Messenger for our time, as were past Messengers on the order of Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and others unknown.
  • Ethical norms in the region of space where we live require respect for human sovereignty and demand that we not exchange it for trinkets.
  • The extraterrestrial races who respect these norms have departed our vicinity to allow us to determine our own destiny in the universe. They did leave excellent guidelines before departing, however, in the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity.



  • The One Book [forthcoming] comprising the record of Marshall Vian Summers' collaboration with his Source.[1]