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"They can outsmart you, but only if you are not looking." [1]

"It is your weakness and your conflicts, your ignorance and your superstition that these particular races from the Universe will prey upon. They could take control of the world without firing a shot, for they are skillful in manipulating the thinking and perception of others. That is their strength." [2]

They seek
to divide humans
foster dependency
invite distraction, distortion, amplification and exposure.


Arguments to Convince Humans of Their Weakness and Vulnerability
We created you.
This was the Aliens’ world first.
The abductors are brotherly aliens watching over people
ETs are here to advance humanity scientifically, technologically, and/or spiritually
Human DNA is flawed, needing husbandry
Humanity is intrinsically flawed, excepting those souls from beyond come to assist
Abductees have had psychologically and physically traumatic abduction experiences due to their shortcomings
Arguments to Divide Humans or to Label
Any form of Earth as a “prison planet”
Any form of humans as a cancer, a plague.
Earth is quarantined until we make reforms
Emphasis on human deficiency--black/white idealism, equivalencies
Stop torturing animals,
Emphasis on division, blame
Human government is corrupt.
A galactic governance exists that we should be so lucky to qualify to join
The evil governments are mutilating cattle and abducting people. Aliens would never do that.
Arguments Based on Human Superstition or Partial Understanding
As above so below.
The oneness of everything
You are special.
You agreed to this before coming into this life; long ago we made a “soul agreement” that we’ve forgotten.
Aliens do not have a soul, so they do what they do to get a soul as well.
Aliens need us to regenerate/improve their DNA and so we must accept their abductions in order to help them.
Aliens are watching over us to guide and protect us with massive bases on the moon and other places in the solar system.
If they had wanted to hurt/kill us, they already would have.
Aliens must be harmless because abductees are returned “unharmed”; any harshness is “tough love” that we need for our own good
The possibility of overcoming all problems and limitations
Free energy is just a “yes, please” away
Categories of superstition
untested belief
Moral evolution comes with intellectual capacity
You don’t understand the higher dimensions (4th through 12th) and we are all moving higher, step by step, quantum blah-blah, ascension story. The Aliens are helping us ascend into our higher states where they are already.
The technologically advanced are also spiritually advanced
magical thinking
Don’t be fearful and manifest evil with your negativity
unfounded hope
Everything happens for a reason. We just don’t understand when Aliens do.
Benevolence is universal--”whatever is, is right”
distorted truth
God set in motion the natural forces of evolution [truth]; all is unfolding according to God’s will in perfect expression because God is the author of all [distortion]
Truths being distorted
Our longing to end Separation
Our sense of destiny, sense of purpose, feeling a calling to do something important, feeling special
ETs are unaware of human beings’ physical pains that they inflict upon them
No proof
The basic alternative scenarios
These are not physical craft or entities but apparitions from other dimensions
Reality is an illusion anyway
Matter is not real because atoms are as vacuous as outer space
You create your own reality--the Seth material is the origin of this (so says Wikipedia) that has generated so much distortion
Ascension; 5-D graduation
Levels, hierarchies, orders of development
The human tendencies and susceptibilities being triggered
Desire for rescue, escape from responsibility
Dependency needs, desire for independence without self-reliance
The sense of oneself as special, the distortion of the precious cargo embedded in our Knowledge
Ignorance, susceptibility to gratuitous information, especially uncanny, technological or prodigious in quantity or kind
Our actual guilt regarding the dereliction of responsibility for the state of the planet and the fear of consequences and the hope within each person that they could somehow be exempted or for a “god in a box” (deus ex machina) could come down at the end and save the day
Solipsism, the individual form of anthropocentrism, where we think the world revolves around us--the self-importance, pride, dignity, hope of preserving status quo.
Religious and spiritual aspiration looking above as the heavenly abode
Altruism--connected to the inner sense of a mission in life to fulfill through service
Learn what you can about the presence of foreign forces in the world.[4]
Speak out against the abduction of people against their will.
Whom to listen to
"Your foe will speak to your weakness, and
your friend will speak to your strength."[5]


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