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Book One, 1st Briefing: The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today[edit]

"Humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life.
Your world is being 'visited' by several alien races and by several different organizations of races."
"The very forces that would bring the Greater Community reality here are already present in the world."
"An invasion of the most subtle kind."
"People are unaware
of the presence of alien forces
unaware of the presence of resource explorers
of those who would seek an alliance with humanity for their own benefit.

Perhaps we should begin here by giving you an idea of what life is like beyond your shores, for you have not journeyed afar and cannot account for these things yourself."

"People do not understand the visitors’ methods. And they do not comprehend the visitors’ ethics or morality. People think the visitors are either angels or monsters. But in reality, they are very much like you in their needs."
"We understand from our own history that this is the greatest threshold that any world will ever face. It is not something, however, that you can plan for yourself. It is not something that you can design for your own future."
"Our role, then, is quite essential, and our information is very needed because at this time even people who are aware of the presence of the visitors are not yet aware of their intentions. People do not understand the visitors’ methods. And they do not comprehend the visitors’ ethics or morality. People think the visitors are either angels or monsters. But in reality, they are very much like you in their needs. If you could see the world through their eyes, you would understand their consciousness and their motivation. But to do that, you would have to venture beyond your own."

2nd Briefing: The Challenge to Human Freedom[edit]

"The Greater Community into which humanity is emerging is a difficult and competitive environment, particularly in areas in the universe where many different races compete with each other and interact for trade and commerce. Your world exists in such an area. This may seem incredible to you because it has always seemed that you lived in isolation, alone within the vast emptiness of space. But really you live in an inhabited part of the universe where trade and commerce have been established and where traditions, interactions and associations are all longstanding. "
Humanity is approaching a very dangerous and very important time in its collective development. You are on the verge of emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life. You will be encountering other races of beings who are coming to your world seeking to protect their interests and to discover what opportunities may lie ahead. They are not angels or angelic beings. They are not spiritual entities. They are beings who are coming to your world for resources, for alliances and to gain an advantage in an emerging world. They are not evil. They are not holy. In that, they are also much like you. They are simply driven by their needs, their associations, their beliefs and their collective goals.
This is a very great time for humanity,"
"Emerging races are particularly vulnerable to foreign influence and manipulation."
"For you live on the surface of your world and cannot see the affairs that surround it. Nor can you see clearly the [the Intervention|visitation]] that is occurring in your world at this time or what it portends for your future."
"From our vantage point, we can see this on a larger scale. We do not involve ourselves with the daily lives of individuals in the world. We do not attempt to persuade governments or to lay claim to certain parts of the world or to certain resources that exist there. Instead, we observe, and we wish to report what we observe, for this is our mission in being here."

Book One, 3rd Briefing: A Great Warning[edit]

"There is so much deception in the world that you live in, and in many other worlds as well, that the truth, though apparent and obvious, goes unrecognized, and its signs and messages go undetected."
"This you must understand. It is not so complex. From our perspective and vantage point, it is obvious. We have seen this occur elsewhere. It is one of the ways that established organizations of

races who have their own collectives recruit emerging worlds such as yours."

"The situation is very grave from our perspective, and we think it would be a tremendous misfortune if people were not informed correctly."
"In a way, it is a matter of perspective. We can see and you cannot, for you have not the vantage point. You would have to be beyond your world, outside the sphere of your world’s influence, to

see what we are seeing. And yet, to see what we see, we must remain hidden because if we were discovered, we would surely perish."

"We have seen these things before in other places. We have seen entire worlds fall under control of such collectives. There are many such collectives in the universe. Because such collectives deal with interplanetary trade and extend over vast regions, they adhere to a strict conformity without deviation. There is no individuality amongst them, at least not in any way that you could recognize. We are not sure that we can give an example in your own world of what this could be like, but we have been told there are commercial interests that span cultures in your world, that wield tremendous power and yet are governed by only a few. This is perhaps a good analogy for what we are describing. However, what we are describing is so much more powerful, pervasive and well established than anything

that you could offer in the world as a good example."

"Each of us in our group has faced this in our own respective worlds, and there has been a great deal of failure, with only some success. Races of beings who can maintain their freedom and insulation must become strong and united and will likely withdraw from Greater Community interactions to a very great degree in order to protect that freedom."

"As has occurred in your world in your own history, the first to reach the new lands are the explorers and the conquerors. They do not come for altruistic reasons. They come seeking power, resources and dominion. This is the nature of life."

Book Two, 1st Briefing[edit]

A greater understanding and a greater vision of what this life is really like in the universe around you. It is not merely a matter of perspective. Our range of experience in these matters is very great amongst us. We have our own unique perspectives, but there are certain realities that are obvious to us, for we are in a position to recognize them and to see them. We have lived through the opportunities and the difficulties of these realities—all things that you have yet to experience for yourselves. And yet your Allies abroad wish to save you from the great risks that you now face, risks of emerging into the Greater Community and the need to preserve your freedom and your integrity as a race as you undergo this difficult and prolonged transition.
We have never ventured beyond the Galaxy, so we cannot speak of the other possibilities. Yet within this Galaxy alone, there is such a diversity of life! We ourselves have only seen a very, very small part of it, for the Galaxy is very great.
There is no returning to your former isolated state.
We are imparting to you a greater Wisdom, a Wisdom that has been difficult for us to achieve, that we have achieved at great cost. Our ability to be here to assist humanity is a demonstration of this achievement.

Book Two, 2nd Briefing: Why the Intervention is Occurring[edit]

Though we have never been on the surface of your world, we can see even from our vantage point what a glorious place it must be. We have seen interventions such as the one occurring in your world happening in worlds of far less value and merit.
Some people ... think that the Intervention is but another expression of an ongoing visitation and an ongoing alien presence in the world, but it is not really true. You do not yet have the skill to discern friend from foe, your allies from your adversaries, except through demonstration, and even here it would take a deeper insight to make this determination. Some people will think that we are humanity’s adversaries and that those intervening are humanity’s allies. This is so obviously untrue, but it is not obvious to you. For you are without Wisdom and awareness in these matters, and that is why we have come.
To understand this, you would have to have an overview of competition between Collectives and the economic and political establishments in the region in which you live
We are certain that you can think of examples of this within your own world. For example, many nations in your world could compete for the riches of a poorer country. Such competition is occurring now, and that is why the Intervention has many faces. That is why you will see many different kinds of craft hovering above your lands. You will encounter different races of beings, and it will be very confusing, and you will think, “Some are good, and some are bad. Some are here to help, and some maybe are not here to help.” But you are only guessing. And it is only your hopeful expectations that would encourage you to think that anyone that is on the surface of your world is here for your good.
We speak from great experience. We cannot prove these things to you until you can see them yourself. And when you see them yourself, it will be so obvious! The Intervention is so obvious! But who can see it? From your vantage point, it is far more difficult to recognize. And until you can have a Greater Community education and perspective, until you learn about the realities of the Greater Community, how can you possibly understand? Your heart will know, but can you listen?
So when you ask, “Why our world?”, you must recognize these things that we have mentioned. What is obvious you will be able to see. What is not obvious you will not be able to see, but you can still understand. You may choose, of course, to distrust our words. You may believe that it is impossible that we could communicate to you in this way. You may doubt the whole process by which we communicate. You may cast away our counsel. We understand.
The trust must come from a deeper understanding. It is not information you need as much as perspective. If you cannot see the situation clearly, what good is having more information? If you cannot know the truth in your own heart, what will the information provide for you? You need a little information. You need a lot of perspective. And you need a lot of courage.

Book Two, 3rd Briefing: The Influence upon Humanity[edit]

Such revolutions have happened before. We can attest to this from our own experience. We are the product of such revolutions in our own worlds. Though our circumstances were quite different from yours, the nature of the Intervention and the methods employed were actually quite similar. This is why we can speak with authority on this subject.
As greater nations attempt to overtake weaker ones, they seek to seduce the leaders of those weaker groups and nations with promises of power and authority and gifts of technology, mere trinkets. How effective this has been. Yet this is not unique to your world. It happens throughout the universe.
This is a very difficult and dangerous situation.
You may stop at this point and wonder, “Well, how can such things occur? This seems so extreme! This seems so negative, so awful!” But for anyone who has studied human history, you will see demonstrations of all of these things we are speaking of–religious manipulation, interbreeding, violence wrought upon adversaries, particularly in situations where native populations are encouraged to accept and to receive their new visitors. It is far easier to govern one who believes in your cause and is cooperative than it is one who is simply being subjugated. Humanity has great strength to throw off the shackles of subjugation.
For the vast majority of people in your world, the Intervention will be unknown and completely hidden
The Collectives are prevented from simply taking over your world. Their competitors will not allow it, and the ruling organizations that govern commerce and trade in this region in which your world resides, will not permit it. The Collectives will function according to the rules, but beyond those rules it will use any means it can to secure its goals and to fulfill its mission.