The Allies of Humanity

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"You need to be aware that
they [your allies within the physical universe itself] exist and that they are aware of you.
You need to be aware that
they have achieved what you are now setting out to accomplish.
And you need to realize that
in the Greater Community you are not alone, though you will indeed feel like you are alone in the great reaches of space."[1]

"You have the possibility of having great friends if you can be pure of heart and if you can focus your service not only on meeting the needs of humanity but on developing relationships with other races." [1]

The Allies of Humanity only advise

"We are not the visitors. We are observers. We claim no rights to your world, and we have no agenda to establish ourselves here. For this reason, our names are hidden, for we do not pursue relations with you beyond our ability to provide our counsel in this way. We cannot control the outcome. We can only advise you as to the choices and decisions that your people must make in light of these greater events.' [2]

We have been sent not only to give our perspective and our encouragement but also to sound a calling, an alarm, to inspire an awareness and a commitment. We have said before that we cannot save your race through military intervention. That is not our role. And even if we attempted to do so and garnered the strength to carry out such an agenda, your world would be destroyed. We can only advise."[3]

The Allies of Humanity will not intervene

"There are great spiritual forces in the Greater Community—individuals and even nations that have achieved very high states of accomplishment, far beyond what humanity has demonstrated thus far. But they do not come and take control of other worlds. They do not represent political and economic forces in the universe. They are not involved in commerce beyond fulfilling their own fundamental needs. They rarely travel, except in situations of emergency." [3]

"Those who are allied to humanity, the free races, they will not intervene here, for intervention to them is a violation. They realize that even if they could gain your confidence and trust, they would have to maintain a controlling presence here in order to guide you into the Greater Community. And this, they cannot do. They realize that humanity will have to struggle, and suffer even, to come to a point of recognition and responsibility regarding its future and destiny here."[1]

Humanity and other races in the Universe

"Humanity has allies abroad in your vicinity of space, who understand your plight and who value the fact that humanity has kept religion and spirituality alive in the world, and that the human family shows a greater promise – a promise that has been lost by so many advancing races in the Universe." [4]

"You have allies in the universe though they are not visiting your world, for humanity is not ready to establish relations with other nations in the universe."[5]

"Humanity has a few allies and many competitors. But it is important for you to understand that your allies will not come here to defend the world, for they too must live with great discretion. And they realize, because they are intelligent and wise, that they cannot control the world, and if they attempted to do so, it would only lead to domination. That is why no free race is in the world today interfering in human affairs."[6]

"Your allies abroad will only seek to alert you to the presence of the Intervention and to teach you some vital and important things about life in the universe around you. But they cannot prepare you for the Greater Community. They are only playing a very small part in this."[6]

"Only your potential allies in space do not seek advantage here. Their interest is largely geared toward their own security and their natural inclination to serve a talented and gifted race such as humanity."[7]

"You have allies in the universe who are not allowed to interfere with your world, but who have sent information in the form of a set of Briefings to help prepare humanity to learn how to establish its own rules of engagement with intelligent life and to emphasize the need to establish your own ethics of contact."[7]

"That is why the allies of humanity are seeking to encourage the preservation of freedom and the awareness of a deeper Knowledge within the human family. They want to have other free nations in their region of space, not because they are in love with humanity as much as for their own stability and security. They have a natural interest in promoting freedom in the universe, and to have another free society in their general vicinity is of great importance to them. They also see the value and the potential for humanity to evolve into a very magnificent race where individual capabilities and the benefit to society have great advantages."[8]


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